Carl Sondrol

Composer and music producer

It's Webby season.. vote for us!

I’m very excited to announce that another short I scored for CollegeHumor is up for a Webby Award (considered the “Oscar” of the internet). We’re in a tough battle against a slew of celebrities (Steve Carrell, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bieber to name a few) You can vote for “Grammar Nazis” by clicking HERE.

Sam Reich directed, Vince Peone and Josh Ruben starred. Oh, and hey! My friends at Gloo Studios handled VFX- you might remember their amazing visual work on our winning Pixar Intro Parody last year. Kudos to everyone involved, though- I think it’s one of CH’s best.

Here’s my original write-up on the project from May of last year:

I had a fun time scoring this pitch perfect Inglorious Basterds Parody. I even play a bit of accordion for the intro (a la the Nick Perito piece in the real film) over a whopping 3 chords by regular session player Max Crowe. For the rest of the score we decided on subtle tension building, with a big swell at the end.

I’m in total awe of Josh and Vince’s acting in this one.

Last but not least, huge congrats to my friends Jonathon Grimm and Giancarlo Fiorentini for their nomimation. You can see and vote for “Facebook Ruins Job Interview” here.

p.s. CH has another nomination for Girls are Bad at Sound Effects. Yeah!