Carl Sondrol

Composer and music producer

AXE COP 4... plus a little something special

It’s time once again to unveil a brand new episode of the Axe Cop motion comic! Per usual, my role was (very dense) music and sound design.

For those of you new to Axe Cop - it’s a popular webcomic written by a 5 year-old and illustrated by his 29 year-old brother (they’re now ~1.5 years older). I’m a big fan as I’ve never seen anything so perfectly capture the imagination of a child…This one is special for a few reasons.. (SPOILERS below- I’d suggest watching the episode before reading)

1) It’s our first episode with DRAMA!

The previous episodes I’ve worked on have been wall-to-wall intense action. Ethan Nicolle (the elder brother and artist) and I chatted on the phone before I started to make sure we were on the same page re: how the music’s tone should change through the course of the episode. Thus, you’ll get to hear some heartfelt drama cues and even a bit of my excellent EastWest Symphonic Choir samples for Uni-Avacado Soldier’s first wish.

2) “Axe!”

That music you hear in the end credits is indeed very closely inspired by Isaac Hayes’ classic “Shaft!”. Ethan had the idea of the giving Ralph Wrinkles a wonderfully deep/low voice and therefore asked if I could do something Shaft-ish for the walking-with-sunglasses scene. I quickly knew exactly who to call: Will Wheaton, a great singer I worked with on an internet love song somewhat recently. As I’ve mentioned before, Will was the guy that Southpark called in to voice “Chef” when Isaac Hayes was out sick. So obviously… he hit it out of the park.

Friend/collaborator Angeline Gragasin and I handled background vocals (mostly Angeline.. my falsetto only serves to help fill it out a bit, hehe). Session favorite Max Crowe provided porno guitars, Chris Murphy played trombone and I dusted off my trumpet to play a few stabs as well.

This project was a lotttttt of work/fun. (same thing, right??)

Lastly, Webby Update: Looks like we couldn’t beat Galifianakis & Bieber for “Best Comedy Short”. But as our video had no celebs I think we held our own pretty nicely. Thank you everyone who voted!