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Fact Checkers Unit - season 2

Back to work! FCU is a web series by Dan Beers- one of the most talented, easygoing, and collaborative directors I’ve ever worked with. (This is our second time working together- we also worked on an ESPN web series, release pending)

This was a lot of fun, as there were plenty of diverse music needs (often the case with comedy)… here’s a walkthrough of the first few eps:

Episode 1 (ft. Moby):

Made a quick instrumental version of Moby’s “Sleepy Sleepy Grandma” for when she wakes up at 3:01. The second piece I made was described thusly in the script:


Jordache sways to some bizarre indie music. Amy watches.

JORDACHEYou’ve never heard this song. No one has. The band made one song then they all died. Their early stuff was better.

Heh. I recorded a bunch of random parts and “sang” through a pitch-shifter overtop, resulting in the potentially the strangest piece of music I’ve ever been contracted to make (at 3:30).

Episode 2 (ft. T-Pain): I produced/recorded the song “Party in My Mouth” for this one, and co-wrote it with the illustrious Pete and Brian aka Russell and Dylan. Pretty impressed by T-Pain’s acting in this.

Episode 3 (ft. Kyle Gass!, TJ Miller) Did a little angelic cue for when “Mirage” is floating around the sky at 0:40:

More episodes coming soon..