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A Little Waltz

Here’s a little waltz I put together last week. Someday I will make a full-on grand, sweeping one… :) In the meantime, this taste will have to suffice.

Anyway, it features:Brian Mantz: TrumpetMax Crowe: Guitar

For some reason I recorded a few scratch vocal “mmmmmmmmm” tracks.. then ended up leaving them in for texture. I really feel myself growing as a lyricist.


The first new project I’m posting this month is a 2-second “song” for animator extraordinaire Mike Parker’s CollegeHumor project. My good friend Jason Jackson provides vocals dripping with game show schmaltz. It’s about halfway through.

Jason and I have a long musical history together- he was the singer in our science-themed band accompanied by live powerpoint presentations. A “one take wonder” all the way, it’s always a pleasure working with him.