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Jason Bateman in drag

This is “The Dancer”- the second video of three that I had the pleasure of scoring for Jason Bateman and his company DumbDumb, as part of their campaign for Orbit gum.  Ben Joseph and Spencer Griffin at CollegeHumor produced once again.

This was definitely the first request I’ve ever gotten for “cowboy stripper music”, heh. I put together a slow blues track with Rocco Labriola on telecaster & pedal steel (clean, and then distorted for extreme sleaziness!)  Max Crowe handled bass and I added some honkytonk piano overtop.

I also whipped up a fast & light piano cue for the “transformation”, some light orchestration for the closing scene and finally a bit of über-generic club music for the intro.

Fun stuff.

Prom Date (with Jason Bateman)

It’s a real privilege to announce I recently scored 3 shorts directed by Jason Bateman for his new comedy enterprise with Will Arnett: DumbDumb. They were sponsored by Orbit and produced by some good friends at CollegeHumor, Ben Joseph and Spencer Griffin.

“Prom Date” is the first- it also features Rachel Harris and Aubrey Plaza.

Jason had a clear vision for the piece (a plucky, whimsical score with a heavy presence throughout) which was very fun to bring to life. I have a lot of respect for his work and he was great to work with- very professional, focused, and friendly, even on the tightest of turnarounds.

This one’s all over the place online… the Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly, Huffington Post, Hollywood Reporter, etc..