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I recently had the pleasure of scoring & sound designing this video, directed by the wonderful Celia Rowlson-Hall. She describes it thusly:

watch me demolish a city, perform in a broadway show, stroll through the jungle and turn into a ghost… all over a pair of shoes.

I’ve been following Celia’s work for a few years now and it was a real treat to team up. It was a fun challenge to figure out how to complement the stream-of-consciousness visuals in a compelling way… I’m pretty excited about the godzilla-soundscape-into-broadway-sassiness-into-electro-jungle-ominousness-into-bittersweet-death-music-with-ghost-breathing approach we landed on :)

Thank you to all the great musicians who helped out on super-short notice:

Shannon Stone - tenor sax, clarinetWalter Simonsen - trumpetAngeline Gragasin - vocalsMax Crowe - guitar

Also, thank you Richard Howarth for assisting with sound design (as with last week’s post!)

Special thanks to frequent collaborator David Fishel (who also assistant directed and edited this video) for the introduction.

Enjoy! Then check out more of Celia’s films and choreography here.

Danielle Birrittella - vocal montage

I’m on vacation (hello Chicago!) but wanted to share a little treat with you: a montage of the very talented Danielle Birrittella:

She stopped in the studio last week with some past recordings and we put together this demo. The goal being to give an introduction to her wide-ranging vocal skills (my words, not hers… Danielle is extremely modest) in the span a few short minutes, since we all know how busy those decision makers can be..


Audio Montage

I recently had a request for an updated montage “reel” of music I’ve worked on and took the opportunity to put this together. If you’re unfamiliar with my work, this is probably the quickest intro I could offer. Snippets from feature films, a documentary, bands, dozens of viral shorts, etc. produced over the past 4 years or so.

As an added bonus, here’s a picture of myself and Jason (my co-pilot during the massive u-haul roadtrip to LA a few weeks ago, as well as the operatic voice of The Hoodie) posing by some of our favorite gas station merchandise finds.