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The Dark Knight & 60's Robin

I recently had the pleasure sound designing this sketch by Paulilu (the very funny Lucia Aniello and Paul Downs.) Have you seen a better Robin than Paul plays here?? I haven’t. Bane (Luke Sholl) and Batman kill it as well.

I watched a lot of Dark Knight scenes to get a flavor of their bass-heavy punches, and spent a good amount of time picking the perfect bone crunches/squishes for Robin’s one-on-one scene with Bane. Lucia and Paul were all about keeping the sound effects as “real/brutal” as possible (albeit within the styled reality of Christopher Nolan’s batman)– No vintage kung fu punches allowed! I liked having “make the audience wince” as a goal. Other than that I bass’d up Batman’s voice and did some general audio cleanup.

Thank you Richard Howarth for helping out with this, and Giga Shane for allowing me to set up a temporary audio room in his NYC basement :)

Paulilu are quite funny and attentive to detail. A+ collaborators!

Adventures in Voiceover

I’ve been putting my booth to good use lately with a few VO/ADR sessions and thought I’d share some memories.

First, here’s the scarily-talented (and strong) Luke Sholl (aka Bodyguard aka Lord Sinister) recording some minotaur/monster voices for an upcoming CollegeHumor video:

Here’s Very Mary Kate (courtesy of the hilarious Elaine Carroll), who recorded some lines a few weeks back but quickly became cold and/or sad:

Lastly, Luke also recorded a bunch of dialog for Season 2 of CH’s impressive series “Troopers”. Just look at that crazy set & costumes!