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Chicago: Hawk

This week I returned from a trip to the midwest which included my old friend Nate’s (and new friend Abby’s!) wedding in St. Louis, visits to college buddies and former bandmates scattered across Iowa, and even a few days in my former home city of 6 years: Chicago.

Which is where I had the pleasure of recording one of my favorite singers on the planet (Hawk Colman) at Dan Smart’s studio Echo/Normal for a new project I’m excited to reveal more about in the future. I’m pouring as much time as possible into it, hence the scaling back of blog posts :)

Stay tuned.


Stop doing that and relaaaaaaaaax by sondrol

Here’s a short track I made for a project that was never released (inevitably happens in ad work now and then).

The project needing something very easy-going and happy so I whipped up some cheesy lounge muzak.

I was quite excited to bring in a herd of the best musicians I know for this one. Extra special thanks, guys.

vocals: Hawk Colmanflugelhorn: Gerald Baileypercussion: Quin Kirchnersax: Nick Thompsonguitar: Max Crowe


Turn and Smile (a sitcom theme about sitcom themes)

This week I thought I’d do a quick write-up of a project completed before I had this blog called “Turn and Smile”. Basically, CollegeHumor asked me to make an 80’s sitcom theme a la Family Matters or Full House with piano, bass, and a scratchy soul singer. So, I listened to a LOT of sitcom themes on youtube, and did my best to incorporate the defining qualities of the genre into the above song.

My friend Hawk Colman is easily one of the best soul singers I know in Chicago and was a no-brainer for the lead vocal. I was dying laughing during the session, as Hawk is a natural with his delivery and knows exactly what lines to really sell and HOW to sell them (e.g. the way he sings “whichyo family” at 0:47, the slight character change at 1:10 for the “grouch” line, the airiness he throws in choice words for the outro at 1:26, etc). Also, when he sings “show’s created by THIS man” at 1:30 we discovered the way to get the perfect take was to have him VERY emphatically point at something when he sings “THIS”.

I remember the main note I gave him was “Hawk, that’s too soulful. Try to sound more like a white guy TRYING to sound like a black guy, and channel Rod Stewart”. And did he ever. I miss him greatly as a friend & musician out here in LA.

Max Crowe expertly laid down several layers of guitar, then I brought in a bunch of my best friends / neighbors for the gang vocals (Max, Alice Wedoff, Johanna Wiesbrock) and instructed them to sing as sitcomy as possible. Lastly, I added plenty of extra layers to stay true to the arranging style of that period: strings, french horn, and OF COURSE plenty of wind chimes.

Kudos to Vince Peone for directing, Dan Gurewitch for the lyrics, and to everyone else at CH for making such a solid video.

Jeff and Kate: Wedding Song

Two of my favorite people got married last weekend: Jeff & Kate Becker! As a surprise wedding gift, I made a song (warning: 5min) for them and played it as a ‘toast’ during the reception (click link to download):

Jeff and Kate

It of course contains a few inside jokes, but these facts might help you make sense of it:

  • Jeff and Kate live together in Madison.
  • They have a dog named Barkitron 3000 (see his blog here), who was pretty old when they adopted him.  Jeff once explained he envisions himself as running a “retirement home for dogs”.  Bkt3k rarely barks.. but when he does it is deep and earth-shaking.
  • Jeff proposed to Kate in a treehouse. (awesome)
This turned into quite the epic scale project when I decided to involve as many of our mutual friends as possible, and even some of Jeff’s family members..

Spoken Parts:
  • I managed to get Jeff’s mom and one of his brothers (Matt) on the phone to narrate during the verses - I basically just interviewed them for 5 minutes each and edited it down later.  I had no idea what to expect but I think having family members handle the 'verse’ narration was a great route.
  • For the bridge section I decided to make a “life advice” section full of half-serious/half-ridiculous thoughts by all the other friends I could manage to either get in front of a mic here in Chicago or over the phone: Mike Sudmeier, Rich Kirkendall, Max Crowe, Mark Quiner, Paul Skinner, Alex May, and Nick Thompson.
  • Hawk Colman (vocals, some narration) is a great friend and one of the most talented singers I know.  He’s actually never met Jeff & Kate.. but was up for helping out.  I’ve had him in mind since I came up with the initial idea a year ago… thanks again so much for the session, Hawk!
  • Nick Thompson (tenor & bari sax) lives here in Chicago, and stopped by to knock out the parts one afternoon.
  • Kestrel Wright (french horn) now lives in Seattle but just happened to be in town for a few days.  I hadn’t seen him in years and the first thing we did was have a recording session… after that we went to a Thai restaurant to catch up.
  • Will Roseliep (cello) is in Boston and recorded remotely with a flash recorder, playing along to a rough mp3.  Will’s pretty hi-tech.
p.s. dear other friends: I wish I could do something like this every time someone gets married, but holy moly did I ever underestimate the amount of work it would take… so I’ll probably have to go a more traditional route for future weddings to stay healthy & sane.  Take my word that I love you equally!