Carl Sondrol

Composer and music producer

Man v Candy Machine trailer / "Carpe" gets distribution

Two things for today… first, check this out:

This is the trailer for something I’ve been slaving away at for a while now: Man v. Candy Machine. It’s easily one of the most intense and fun sound design projects I’ve ever worked on (you’ll hear just a snippet or two of my sound in this). Basically, director Angeline Gragasin rounded up a crack team of mad scientist creative types and set ‘em loose (see: motion graphics).

It’s futuristic, crazy, and I’m not really sure what to compare it to. Be excited.

Secondly, HUGE congrats to director Eric Bednarowicz and everyone at team Carpe Millenium. This film I scored earlier this year just got distribution, as part of a collection of shorts from around the world. Among the nine other shorts is Israel’s Oscar submission… good company!

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