Carl Sondrol

Composer and music producer

Entrance: Tomorrow at the Downtown Independent

This week my blog (100th post!) goes to directors Patrick Horvath and Dallas Hallam, who’ve made a great film called ENTRANCE. It’s been racking up acclaim since premiering at the LA Film Fest last summer, and this Friday marks its release in theaters & on demand by IFC Films!

I feel lucky to have come up in the same circle of creatives at the University of Iowa in the early-mid 2000’s: Pat, Dallas, Steve Gartz, Max Crowe, David Fishel, Joel Anderson, Mike Schaubach, Spencer Griffin, etc… all who’ve gone on to create many a cool project. Pat’s first feature 100 Years From Now was shot in the Chicago apartment I shared with Max, and creating a few tracks for the film was one of my earliest scoring experiences.

It’s been a pleasure following their work over the years, as well as their podcast Toward A New Cinema which I’m always hoping for more of (ahem!)

So, if you’re in LA tomorrow, come see their best yet. Congrats Pat, Dallas, and crew!

Friday, May 18, 2012 from 8pm to 11pmLocation: Downtown Independent, 251 S Main St.Q&A with Ti West and reception to follow screening.