Carl Sondrol

Composer and music producer

CBS and Carnegie Hall

Last month a song I produced for CBS kicked off their 2010 Upfronts presentation (where advertisers can purchase airtime “upfront”) at Carnegie Hall! The song and accompanying animation introduced the president himself, Leslie Moonves.

Lacy Daigle at CBS was very enthusiastic and fun to work with throughout the project. It was also a pleasure working with Mike Ungar of Broadway Sound, who handled sound design and the final mix. Aside from being an expert at fine-tuning audio for Carnegie Hall, he was a sound editor for ThunderCats back in the day… pretty much instant credibility in my book.

Special thanks to vocalist Steve Frisbie for his meticulous attention to detail on this one. Also, to Max Crowe for the ever-solid guitars-‘n-bass-manship.

While I can’t post the song or video, feel free to use your imagination and check out a few pictures from the opening (click to view big versions):