Carl Sondrol

Composer and music producer

7 years in! / John Cleese on Creativity

It’s May once again.. which brings me up to 7 years as a composer!  Many thank yous to my friends, family, and collaborators who have been so supportive all the while.

As time goes by, I find myself increasingly interested in the “craft” of creative work… How do I push myself to continously improve?  How do I maintain balance and “long-term hustle”?  How do I become more brave, honest, and original in my work?  What mindset & conditions best allow me to do so?

That last question is an interesting one, since we’re all humans who get excited/bored/happy/depressed/hungry/inspired/lazy/distracted/etc for a multitude of reasons.  That’s why I love this talk by John Cleese.  It isn’t about *how* to be original but rather *how to make circumstances ideal* for generating the most original ideas.  If you do any sort of creative work, I think you’ll find it pretty excellent.

(I’m late to the party on this one- thanks to my friend Spencer Griffin for putting this on my radar)