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Happy new year! plus some animals I suggest you meet

Happy new year!

After October's Batika Hawk promo blitz, I'll keep this short and animal-related:

I had the pleasure of spending the holidays with my girlfriend's family this year, which means my parents' dog Ben was VERY RELAXED – he still thinks I am a monster/ghost/etc. Photo evidence from Mom:


Nicole and I met even more alpacas this year. Here's one (apparently, leaves are "like chocolate" to them).


Pro tip: if you live near LA, you can call this place and make an appointment to straight-up chill with 30+ alpacas, 3 goats, and a llama. No, they're not sponsoring my newsletter (and I kind of hope the Yelp mob doesn't catch on for a while) – I just think it's one of the coolest things to do. Perfect date/family/etc activity.

Anyway, I hope you had a terrific holiday season.