Carl Sondrol

Composer and music producer

Final Batika Hawk music video

We've reached the end of this EP-and-3-music-videos-in-3-weeks experiment. The third & final Batika Hawk video is by the terrific Brad Conlin , and here it is!

Last week's Wayward Wind video blew up on Vimeo – as of this writing it's been viewed over NINETY-ONE THOUSAND times! I'm speechless, and so happy for the brilliant filmmakers who created it.

My sincere thanks to all of you who've been listening, sending encouragement, and writing reviews (they really help!)

You'll find everything – the EP, a making-of article, and all three music videos – collected here:

Batika Hawk 2 is already recorded (I spent six years on this thing, remember?) and I look forward to sharing it with you down the road... I'm open to ideas for that release, by the way. Another music video series? A multitude of 15-second instagram stories? A five-novel fantasy epic? WHO KNOWS, MAN!?