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I am a LA-based composer and music producer. I create music for video, games, and fun.

I've had the pleasure of collaborating with directors such as Dan Beers, Giancarlo Fiorentini, David Fishel, Gus Gavino, Angeline Gragasin, Jonathan Grimm, Dallas Hallam, Patrick Horvath, Eric McCoy, Ethan Nicolle, and Celia Rowlson-Hall.

My clients include Activision, CBS, Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry, DDB, ESPN, GOOD, Jason Bateman, JWT, kate spade, Motorola, MTV, MSN, Nickelodeon, Optimus, Preferred Film & TV, Samsung, and SXM.

I've composed/produced over 75 original scores / songs for CollegeHumor, and won 2 Webby Awards in the process. In 2010 I produced a song which premiered at Carnegie Hall just before the president of CBS, Leslie Moonves, took the stage. Some of the award-winning films I've scored include Farewell Darkness, The Old Man and The Seymour, and Carpe Millenium.

I've been immersed in music most of my life. Piano and trumpet lessons from an early age led me to perform in a wide variety of groups as I matured musically- jazz bands, chamber ensembles, oldies cover bands, experimental improv groups, and of course rock bands. At the University of Iowa I studied classical and jazz music theory, and played trumpet and piano in many university ensembles. These experiences served as an ideal springboard as I entered the world of film scoring circa 2006.

As of this writing, I'm finishing up a few new scores and making a studio album.


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